Kais Milestones

July 2001, Sunny establishes a charity in Kompong Thom, Cambodia to support needy families and orphanages

July 2002, Karen Butler finds inspiration in the cause of Cambodia’s children and exchanges a career in 5 star hotels for KaisKids

April 2003, “Kais Village Community” is born in a refurbished wooden farmhouse in Treng Trayoeung village and initially provides a home for 20 children.

January 2004, Room for 30 More. A second larger house is built and 30 more of Cambodia’s most needy have a home.

February 2005, Time for School! In just one month, volunteers build a schoolhouse with room for 40 students, a teacher is hired and the children start their first lessons in English.

November 2005, Remote Operations. At the request of the local authorities, KaisKids organise volunteers from the UK and Australia help renovate old school buildings on the island of Koh Thmei – this time providing room for 70 children

November 2006, KaisKids is asked for help with another School. By the summer of 2007, an even bigger project starts with the help of the Ministry of Education and generous donations from the UK. In November 2007, the doors of Romdoul Thmei school open for 100 more children

December 2006, London Pub Event Pays for Medical Centre. A sell-out fundraising event in a London Pub provides the funds for a medical centre so many miles away in Kais Village Community. The centre is opened in spring 2007.

May 2007, Campaign for Healthy, Balanced Meals. With good nutrition such a key part of enabling our children to thrive, a new kitchen is built at Kais Village Community to provide healthy and balanced meals in a clean, safe environment

September 2007, Farming & Sustainability. A working farm is established and now produces close to half of the food requirements for the residents of Kais Village Community.

October 2007, HIV Outreach Programme, Kampot Province. A new offsite programme provides support for 20 HIV-infected children

March 2008, New Nursery at Kais Village Community. To provide significant independent accommodation for our youngest children, a much needed nursery is founded

August 2008, Year Round Water for Kais Village Community. Rainwater harvesters, wells, piping and water treatment provide clean water on tap for our community.

End 2009, Two New Houses at Kais Village Community. The foundations are laid for two new houses for the older children; one funded by a generous donor, the other by one of our supporting schools

April 2011, Kampot Community Centre. A daycare centre opens it’s doors to vulnerable children and their families affected by HIV

By 2013, KaisKids benefits over 300 children