Spreading Our Wings


Remote Operators

At the request of the authorities, in November 2005, KaisKids organised volunteers from the UK and Australia to help renovate school buildings on the remote island of Koh Thmei – this time improving facilities for 70 children. Since that time school teams from overseas continue to make visits to the children, bringing with them clothing and supplies.

Another school in need…

In November 2006, Local authorities drew our attention to about 100 children of school age living in a nearby community of squatter families. In Cambodia the poor are almost always transient and these children were reported to be living in harsh conditions and they had never attended a day of school.

With the assistance of the Ministry of Education and a generous donation from a UK charity, KaisKids purchased an empty building with a plot of land and the following summer started to renovate. One auspicious day in November 2007, following a short ceremony and Buddhist blessing, the doors of Romdoul Thmei School were officially opened. About 130 children, depending on annual enrollment, now attend school there, six days per week.

Kais Village Community opens a medical center…

While starting our outreach programs, it was important to continue to develop and improve Kais Village Community. In December 2006, a group of our friends, one of them engaging a celebrity who was host for the evening, held a large fundraising event, the Kais Village Appeal, in a London Pub. It was a sell-out and the money they raised paid for an onsite medical centre, which the same group of friends and their families travelled to Cambodia to build for us. Finally a doctor was hired and the medical room stocked.

HIV Outreach Programme, Kampot & Kep Provinces…

In October 2007, local child welfare authorities requested that we launch an outreach programme in Kampot & Kep Provinces to care for the growing numbers of HIV children and their families, also affected by HIV.A sponsorship scheme was initiated to help provide for the most vulnerable children. In 2011 KaisKids opened Kampot Community Centre, a daycare centre providing a safe place for the children to drop by, have a bath, do homework, play and eat a nutritious meal.

The programme is expanding and currently supplies essentials such as foster care, daily food, hospital meals, medicine, education, transport and emotional support to over 20 HIV-positive children.