Creation of KaisKids

Like countless Cambodians of his generation, Sunny grew up and witnessed first hand, the horror of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. He was fortunate however to receive an education, reinforced with English classes that his parents had insisted on him taking.

Later, while working for the UN in Cambodia, and Somalia, Sunny further improved his English and gained an understanding and respect for the role of NGOs in rebuilding these countries. It is with thanks to Sunny’s parents, whose foresight their son has clearly inherited, that we are able to tell the story of Cambodia’s children and thus, generate more ways in which to help them.

Homage to Home

Sunny was brought up in a small village in Kompong Thom Province, N of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. During the unrest, he and his family had moved around, often walking for days without food or water. Many years later, his return to Cambodia and to his own village became, for Sunny, a mission to improve life for the next generation and in doing so, paying homage to the past and to the indomitable Khmer spirit.

He found his home village in a state of extreme poverty, with large numbers of homeless children. Sunny decided that to take action: ‘Somebody needed to show others that it can be done and encourage them to help and use the skills they have.’

July 2001 First Steps

Sunny’s first step towards accomplishing his ambition was to establish the charity. Initially he focused on finding support to feed and clothe children in the needy families and rural orphanages of Kompong Thom, Kep and the remote province of Mondolkiri.