From infants just days old, to maturing teens, our children have different stories to tell; abuse, abandonment, impoverishment, broken homes, illness and loss of one or both parents.

They come to us through the Cambodian social services, hospital authorities, village and commune chiefs, after all other avenues have failed.

Astonishingly, in joining our caring, nurturing environment, their spirit soon shines through. Perhaps we can never comprehend the depths of the distress that some have suffered, but we can see in these smiling Cambodian children the embodiment of Sunny’s mission – the healing of this generation of Cambodia’s young, so that they and their country have a brighter future.

We invite you to meet a few of these wonderful and resilient children – “KaisKids”.

alisa Alisa – 6
Alisa arrived with us in November 2009. A slight, extremely malnourished and very shy little girl, at first she was very tearful. No wonder as she had recently been abandoned in hospital by her mother who was a blind street beggar, alone, poor and now sick and felt she could no longer take care of her. (We have, up to now, been unable to locate her). Alisa’s adjustment has taken quite a long time but she has finally settled and is warm and open with those she knows.Alisa suffers from severe asthma but we now have it under control. In 2012 she underwent an operation to fix a large hole in her upper palate and we are delighted that she has slowly started talking.
preap1 Preap – 7
Born with severe disfigurement , a result of amniotic band syndrome, Preap (meaning “white dove of peace” in Cambodian) was abandoned when a baby and lived in a children’s hospital for his first 2 years.Since being under our wing he has undergone extensive corrective surgery. Surgery to repair his severe cleft lip and palate, to partially repair his upper palate, to give him eyelids, and to shape his nose. Further surgery is planned for the future.Although he does not like hospitals Preap has remained a happy character throughout. He is sociable, cheeky, and has many friends. He has recently started to talk and we hope to be able to find him speech therapy. He now enjoys singing and dancing. He also likes playing football.
map1 Map – 15
Map has no mother or father. He has a younger sister although he remembered little about her except they were both living rough on the street. One day in early April 2009, Map decided to come to Phnom Penh to try to find work and earn some money.He had no money for a fare so he tried to climb on top of a moving train, he fell off and it ran over him, severing his arm. A kind passenger put him on the train, which carried them to Phnom Penh, and then took him to the children’s hospital. Unconscious and in a very weak state from loss of blood Map stayed in hospital 19 days before being released into our care by the authorities.Today Map studies English and likes to help on the farm.He also liked to help look after the younger boys. He is cheerful and popular with children and staff at Kais Village.
sreynit1 Srey Nit – 2
Srey Nit came into our lives in October 2010 after she was abandoned at a health centre. She was suffering from respiratory distress and we soon discovered she had a heart defect. A small hole in her heart. She also has hepatitis B.Srey Nit became an instant favourite in the nursery and has formed a strong bond with her nanny who constantly showers her with affection. She is now a happy, smiling and easy going toddler. She still attends monthly appointments in Phnom Penh, both at the children’s hospital and the pediatric cardiac centre.