At KaisKids, our passion for the welfare of the children in our care is matched with our value for good governance and careful stewardship of our funds


KaisKids is dedicated to improving the lives of Cambodia’s children through sustainable programmes combining care for basic needs with education & development.

Since our start in 2001, the demand for our services has grown and we are often asked by the Cambodian authorities for assistance.

This means we grow – the needs are sometimes overwhelming – our only constraint is therefore our financial wherewithal to fund this growth.

Our Donors
Individual donors: some regular, some one-off contributors, make up the bulk of our support.

Our partners and our schools provide monetary donations, gifts, valuable skills and their participation in refurbishing and improving our facilities.

Sponsorship of individual children at Kais Village Community continues to grow, and there are remain many opportunities to participate. Our Outreach programme currently sponsors 20 HIV-infected children and their families.

Executive Pay and Disbursements

From the beginning, Sunny (President) and Karen (Programme Director) have been supported by their family/business interests outside KaisKids. Close to 100% of funds are therefore committed to the running of our programmes. Full time staff are recruited from the local community and remunerated in line with local pay norms.


Ministry of Interior License No. 538, June 2001. The charity is registered as the Society for Orphan Support (SOS), working name KaisKids.
Cambodia Trustees – Soung Santepheap (Sunny), Karen Butler, Sourng Sophea, Soung Sophorn.

Charities Commission reg. No.1130463, July 2009. Registered as the Foundation for Cambodian Children, working name KaisKids.
UK Trustees – Andrew James, Janice James, Charlotte Ferrar