The first recorded case of the HIV virus in Cambodia was in 1991. By 2005 the number of cases had reached 250,000. Now Cambodia has one of the highest incidences of HIV per head of population in Asia.


Fifty Cambodians die each day due to the consequences and complications of AIDS. Every hour one person in Cambodia is infected with HIV. One-third of new infections occur from mother to child. (* Year 2006/2007)

Families living with HIV/AIDS face multiple challenges such as stigma and discrimination, lack of adequate income and poor living conditions. Orphans and vulnerable children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS often have few opportunities for medical treatment or education and in many situations, are simply abandoned.

Formed in Kampot Province in 2007, KaisKids Outreach aims to offer direct assistance to some of these children and their care-givers, and at the same time to increase local community support. All of the children enrolled on the programme are HIV+ and receiving free anti-retroviral treatment (ART) either in Kampot or Takeo Province. Funding for our programmes comes from individual sponsorships.

First and foremost, assistance is required to sustain this treatment, as each child with their care-giver, must travel in to the provincial hospital at least once a month. The remaining funds are used to purchase rice, fresh fruit, school supplies, medicines and essential toiletries. Provisions are purchased and distributed by a local volunteer who is also responsible for monitoring the children’s general wellbeing and ensuring each child attends the hospital on schedule for a check-up and ART. Children gather together regularly for fun days out and their relatives/care-givers have the opportunity to meet informally to participate in a support group. In addition, Kais directors visit frequently to assess new cases, and to bring vitamins, clothes, toys and a supply of soya bean milk to the children.

We need your support to help prolong and improve the lives of these children. As little as US$45 per month will support a child and in many cases prolong a life, but any amount would be gratefully received. Regular sponsors receive an annual update on their child, drawings and photographs.

Outreach Achievements

New hope for 25 HIV+ children and their care-givers
Emotional support and education for HIV affected communtiies in Kampot and Kep provinces
In a small way, reducing prejudice one step at a time