Romdoul Thmei School

In 2006 local authorities reported there were around 100 children of school age living in poor conditions at Romdoul Thmei in the same commune as Kais Village Community; none of whom had ever attended school.

In 2007, with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and a generous donor organisation, KaisKids acquired land and buildings and started to renovate. One auspicious day in November 2007, following a short ceremony and a Buddhist blessing, Romdoul Thmei School officially opened its doors.

Presently there are 130 children attending the school 6 days a week with a further 50 children awaiting space. The school teaches the Cambodian State syllabus with additional English language classes taught 5 days a week by a private English teacher and, where possible, by overseas volunteers. In future it is envisioned that the children will also learn arts and crafts and there are plans for expansion to accommodate a new classroom block and for the older children, plans to expand into vocational training.

Koh Thmei School

Since November 2005, KaisKids have been helping to support the education of a community of approximately 70 school aged children on the remote island of Koh Thmei in Kampot province, southern Cambodia. The school is reached via two boat rides and a half hour walk over scrubland and swamps to the hilltop village where it is located.

With the help of volunteers and donations from the UK, Australia and Singapore we have renovated a small school on top of the hill (the only school on the island). We built desks and provided uniforms, clothes and stationery.

The children and villagers remain extremely poor and isolated. We encourage volunteer school teams from overseas who are up to a challenge, to join us in Koh Thmei. There are opportunities to work alongside the teachers, get to know the children and work on ongoing maintenance of the site.

Our Achievements

KaisKids now oversees 262 children through full time education.
Approximately 60 more children are put through part time English classes.