“Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” – Franz Peter Schubert


Today with increasing numbers of children in our care and the cost of living in Cambodia still rising, child sponsorship is simply one of the most effective and rewarding ways you can support KaisKids. Your gift not only enables us to continue our essential operations, but helps us welcome other vulnerable children into a life of opportunity. Your support will bring a child out of a life of abject poverty, deprivation, and abuse.

Sponsor a child at Kais Village Community

For a minimum donation of $45 USD per month for half-sponsorship or $90 USD per month for full sponsorship you can sponsor a child at KVC. Your gift will help us to provide shelter, healthcare, nutrition, education and clothing for your sponsored child: all within a loving, nurturing environment.

A Very Special Child Sponsorship

We are caring for a growing number of children with special needs. Currently we have 24 children who participate in this fund, their differing needs ranging from around the clock palliative care, to prosthetics, surgery, physiotherapy and counselling.

For a minimum donation of $25 USD per month, your donation will go into a central fund to benefit all 24 children. One-off donations of any amount are also welcome.

Square Meals

Sponsor one nutritious meal a day for a child attending Kampot Community Centre. Our daycare centre in Kampot town for children who are HIV+. You may sponsor the meals of an individual child or contriubute towards the central meal fund generally. A donation of $30 USD per month will provide one child a vital healthy meal 5 days per week. One-off donations of any amount are also welcome.

Please visit our FAQs for more details

To learn more about beginning your sponsorship or for more information please write to us at sponsorship@kaiskids.org