For KaisKids, our partners provide more than their valued financial support, they also provide us with their advice, their skills and dedication and their emotional backing. In turn, we know from our partners themselves that they gain so much more than the simple satisfaction of giving.

In addition to money, a small sample of the gifts our partners have donated includes items ranging from uniforms, books and school supplies to electrical equipment and even our classroom roof.

Volunteers from our partner organisations, teach in our classrooms and take our children for water safety lessons. They help with projects such as the building of playgrounds, sheds, roads and tables. They work alongside us in our kitchen and on our farm and provide medical assistance to our children and nursing and physiotherapy advice to our staff.

We also acknowledge our many individual supporters most of whom wish to remain anonymous.

To them all, we offer our thanks.

To become a partner, to include KaisKids in your corporate social responsibility
programme or to understand what is involved please contact us

Our Partner Organisations

CRDT (Cambodian Rural Development Team) – Sustainable Development Solutions
Cambodian Red Cross
CARITAS: Catholic Social and Community Council
Fred Waring Foundation
Herrod Foundation
Hospital Bambin Gesu, Rome
KK Hospital Outreach Singapore
Kirirom Hillside Resort
Marsden Swim School, Singapore
Mines, Victims and Clearance Trust (MIVAC)
Resource Development International Cambodia
World Challenge Expeditions