Frequently Asked Questions

Below we provide answers to the questions that we are often asked. If the question that you have have is not answered however, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: we will be delighted to try to answer all your questions at: sponsorship@kaiskids.org

+ How do I sign up to sponsor a child?
Please go to Sponsor a Child. For just US$25 per month you can make the most lasting and personal gift of all.

+ How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
We ask for a minimum donation of US$45 per month to sponsor a child at Kais Village Community. Currently the real cost of providing is actually more like $90 per month, but we realise this is a lot to ask and often isn’t possible. We therefore try to seek donations from elsewhere for key supplies such as rice or infant formula milk. To help us reach our basic maintenance cost of $90 per child/month, some children may have 2 sponsors.

We also encourage you to sponsor the group of children that have special needs. Your sponsorship donation will go into a central fund to benefit al 24 children in our care that have special needs. This fund supports around the clock palliative care, prosthetics, surgery, physiotherapy, counselling and other differing needs. For a minimum donation of $25 USD per month you can contribute to this very important fund.

For a donation of $30 USD per month you can sponsor a nutritious meal per day for a HIV+ child on our “Square Meals” programme.

+ Will this cost rise as the child grows up?
If the cost of sponsorship rises over the years we tell donors. However, existing donors may of course carry on contributing at their existing rate. When your child reaches the age of further education we may ask you if you wish to contribute the extra funds involved. Where this is not possible we will look for an additional donor to fund this additional educational requirement.

+ Where does the money go?
100% of the sponsorship money received goes towards paying the day to day costs of caring for your child and those living directly with them.

+ How do you cover your costs?
The sponsorship programme is run by volunteers. We have very modest administrative costs and the founders and a few special contributors pay 100% of these expenses.

+ How long is a child sponsorship?
The sponsorship of a child is ideally a long term commitment. We find that this benefits both the child and the sponsor alike. However we do realise that life presents to all of us, its ups and downs, and we completely understand if for any reason you have to stop your sponsorship. We ask just that you let us know as soon as possible if this becomes the case.

+ May I choose the child I would like to sponsor?
There are privacy issues involved in sending out details of children to potential sponsors. We do not post lists and pictures of children. However you can tell us what particular type of child you would like to sponsor (boy, girl, approximate age), and we will try to help. We have several special needs children so please if you are open to help sponsor one of these children we would love to talk with you further about this. Sponsors obviously get the details of the children they support but we request they do not publish them. We care for many special needs children so please if you are open to help sponsor these children we would love to talk with your further about this.

+ How does the Programme work? What information will I receive and how often?
On sign up you will receive an introductory pack with more information and a profile of your child/or group of children. At six monthly intervals we will be in touch with recent photographs. Every year you will receive an update about your child or in the case of a group sponsorship you will receive an annual newsletter update with stories and photographs about the children. The older children love to send drawings, cards or letters too.

+ May we write to our sponsored child?
If your sponsor child is old enough and, once he/she has sufficient English we would encourage communication by post card. Please remember however that Cambodian postal services are not always reliable and may take a long time to arrive.

+ Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?
At Kais Village Community we do not split budgets down child by child. Likewise we tend to encourage gifts that benefit all the children in the community. (Our children’s favourite idea is a birthday cake!) However we will pass on small birthday/Christmas gifts to individual children if requested. The Cambodian postal system needs improvement and so to guarantee safe arrival a courier is required and this can work out very costly. In some cases it may be better instead to donate the funds for your gift and it can be purchased on your behalf locally. We accept financial donations, which are put into a savings account for that specific child.

+ Can I meet my sponsored child?
It is possible for sponsors to visit although the privacy of all the children in our care and their right to a normal upbringing will always remain our priority. The children whom we take in at Kais Village Community have lost their parents and have no family able to care for them. A visit can be very positive as the children feel there is someone somewhere taking an interest in them. Similar is true with children in our HIV community in Kampot where, if the situation is sensitively managed, a visitor can be warmly welcomed into child led HIV AIDS families.