It's been a busy few months for our supporters  and very hard to name just one champion when so many people have contributed a lot of their time and energy.  So this  month we would like to mention several stars.

Stephanie , Angelos, Tasos & Lia

Big thanks to the Mavromatidis family who generously donated US$1,000 for the children in memory of Stephanie's beloved mother. We are extremely for your on-going support and hope to see you in Cambodia soon!

Our Volunteers

Our lovely Volunteers have made a huge difference. They have all worked tireless as a team to help mentor and teach English to the Kais children and at the local State school , to run the kindergarten and playtime sessions, to educate the nannies, to act as extra pairs of hand to help with endless cleaning, to support our new staff... the list is endless!



Kath, one of our April volunteers has just agreed to be a child sponsor for one of our children!  Thank you very much for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!


Katrina, one of our May volunteers, conducted a fund raiser before she came to work with us. She raised US$700 and has kindly donated this towards our food security programme.   We will be purchasing "laying" chickens to provide eggs, (much needed protein) in future, to our Kais Village Community kitchens.