We were back at Kais in February (that is Janice and Andrew from the UK and Jacqui from Singapore) after being away for almost two years and we were thrilled to see the changes.

We enjoyed getting around in the new tuk tuk (many thanks to our Maltese friends for this), used the new office and meeting area and were so pleased to see the new wall, drainage and gate – especially Jacqui who lead the ‘Buck a Brick’ campaign fund raiser for the wall.

But above all the children were on great form and it is amazing how they remembered us after so long and spotted that this time we weren’t joined by Jacqui’s husband Geoff – who they all missed.

This time we had no specific projects but were able to spend more time with the children, the nannies and appreciate the operation. We also had a chance to review the donations, sort them and prioritise what is needed.  Whilst people have very kindly given donations of complan for baby Alisa, it’s the day to day expenses for the orphanage that prove harder to cover.

Whilst their we met three POD volunteers – Geoff  (Aus) who was helping in setting up the Kirirom mart which Karen and Sunny have privately set up to help subsidise Kais.  Lyn (UK)  was giving a Cumbrian touch to cooking lessons and working with Andy (UK) in organising the teaching resources and their endless energy in running daily classes and working with the children with special needs

Finally as ever it’s is always good to spend time with Karen and Sunny, thank them in person for all their hard work and commitment to the children and hear what is new and their concerns – with so many other demands on donors today, funds are stretched so many thanks to all for their continued support and please watch out for future campaigns as well as supporting the rice and milk funds if you are possibly able to.

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