Thank you “Reaching Cambodia”

Much to their delight and surprise the children at Kais Village Community received a wonderful Christmas present this year. Our new partner charity in Malta,  “Reaching Cambodia” managed to do some last moment fund raising and collected enough money from their donors for a generous 42 inch. brand new, flat screen television!

This is the first time in over a year  the toddlers in the nursery have been able to watch television and all at KaisKids are most grateful.  We already have some new phonics  dvd’s and our current volunteers added some cartoons to the collection.  In fact the TV is being enjoyed by many as the older children and nannies frequently gate-crash.  We have a coupe of new Pixar movies and some BBC living planet style documentary’s for the older children who gather!

The first few times the children watched there was pandemonium and over excitement . Now the toddlers sit silently, fascinated by the new sights and sounds. As they take it all in, a rare hour of silence descends.

Thank you so much “Reaching Cambodia”. You have made a big difference!